Metal Free Cap

metal-free-ceramicMETAL FREE CERAMIC CROWNSporcelain-metal-free-crowns5040105_orig

Metal free ceramic crowns are distinguished by thieir excellent aesthetics. Light, is not only reflected,there is also real transparency as seen in natural teeth. This effect makes the metal-free ceramic crown perfect for use in anterior areas, where by minor form and alignment corrections are also possible.

A further advantage of metal free ceramic crown is the tooth shaded margin, which need not to be placed under the gum line. Thus, the crown margin does not irritate the gingival tissue and prevents gum recession.

It is an extremely biocompatible material with no allergic potential. This can be a real Advantage to predisposed (allergic) patients.
With smaller defects, limited to the outer surface, we prefer treatment using porcelain facings (veneers) allowing more of natural tooth to be preserved during preparation.

Progressive development in ceramics brings forth ever stronger materials, such as zirconium Ceramic. Therefore, it is now possible to fit metal free porcelain crowns in the posterior area.