Tooth Removal

Tooth Removal

Sometimes, even after taking all the efforts, tooth disease can reach a stage where the teeth are not salvageable.

In such cases, we may need to extract (remove) those teeth to prevent further damage to the underlying bone and surrounding gums and teeth. From time immemorial, the extraction of teeth has been dreaded by humans. Till today, it is the most medieval of surgical procedures performed in the human body.

Traditional extractions are done by expanding and fracturing the plate of bone on the cheek side. This is very precious bone. Once lost, it is exceedingly hard to regain. It also, more often than not, impairs our ability to restore the lost tooth by a dental implant. And that’s where we specialize in keeping any extraction as minimally invasive and traumatic as possible.

        Simply put, we just don’t extract teeth; we treat that area keeping all your future needs in mind. If your major functional or aesthetic tooth needs an extraction, then it won’t involve just pulling your tooth off, but would be a neat procedure that will preserve, heal and re-grow much more than is removed. We do this utilizing our modern extraction instruments and special bone grafting materials and techniques.


All said and done, with the technologies available at our clinic, it is very rare that we extract an important functional tooth or any tooth in the aesthetic zone. Our major extraction procedures involve the removal of third molars (wisdom teeth) and extractions for orthodontic purposes that give functional and cosmetic improvement.